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 GFS (Gold Fleet Services)                       Driver Training & Development 

Welcome to Gold Fleet Services

GFS (Gold Fleet Services) is a Driver Training organisation decidated to providing genuine and lasting improvements in road safety, along with helping you to reduce your fleet running and maintenance costs. GFS delivers training across the UK, from B+E, Company Driver Assessments, along with the following: Speed Awareness, Motorway Awareness, Safe and Considerate Driving which includes both theory and on-road training, all under the umbrella of National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) and EcoDriving under Energy Savings Trust's umbrella. 


Based in the North East of England (Durham/Stockton On Tees), GFS is actively engaged in the Driver Training industry and delivers highly effective training to organisations, fleet managers and drivers. With an educating focus on reducing fleet costs through defensive and eco-friendly driving coupled with assisting managers to not only meet, but surpass their Health and Safety obligations. 


GFS are a customer focused company who listen to your fleet safety needs and requirements. We will advise you on the neccesary training your drivers require in the most economically beneficial way for you, this can be both in-house and/or on-road, whilst improving their safety and reducing your Fleet risk issues. 




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